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In Singapore, the Wind Arbor . . . 260,000 Aluminum…

Opened in summer 2010, at the $6 Billion Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore -the Aluminum Wind Arbor. The Wind Arbor covers a surface area of 5.5 Olympic-size swimming pools.The sculpture is 6800 sq. meters consisting of 260,000 aluminum flappers covering the entire west side of the Hotel Atrium. The flappers are mounted on hinges & hung from steel cable so when the flaps move in the breeze they reflect light creating a shimmering piece of art & mesmerizing view.

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Robotic automotive production line

Steel, aluminum, stainless steel processed to customer specifications


Time Lapse of 213 foot superyacht built, then aluminum hull and superstructure joined

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Featuring a new Displacement Hull Form that should allow top speeds over 25 knots when delivered in 2013.

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Boaterhome, boat-van conversion

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Pontoon Boats, 800hp=70mph


Aluminum Sheet, Plate, Coil…180 ft. Megayacht aluminum hull and superstructure

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Aluminum Coil, Sheet, Plate… Joining 146 Foot Aluminum Megayacht hull and superstructure

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Snowmobiles take excellent advantage of the light weight, corrosion resistence & strength of aluminum


The Gateway Arch Tour, 1 minute (includes 886 tons of stainless steel). We sell stainless steel and steel coil, slit, sheet, plate and supply processed to a diverse range of buyer specs.

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The Arch towering 630 ft. above the Mississippi weighs 42,878 short tons…structural steel interior, 2,157 short tons, the STAINLESS  STEEL panels that cover the exterior of the arch, 886 short tons,  concrete 25,980 short tons; One of the largest amounts of stainless steel used in any one project in history.


The Bean, Cloud Gate

The Bean / Cloud Gate  Chicago IL.
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