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Metal Resources Inc.-Coil, Sheet, PlateSteel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel-- Plate & SheetPre painted steel and aluminum-- coil & sheet

Metal Resources Inc. is unique among other companies in the metals business. We deal with many of the largest metal distributors, service centers and manufacturers in North America; buying and selling the most diverse range of metal product types and specifications in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Assessing your metal requirements or excess inventory options:
Why all metal suppliers/sources are not created equal . . .
and why all options for reducing excess inventory are not created equal . . .

An Open Letter From Michael Persky

I started this business in 2001. With 30 years experience in the metals business, I had 3 goals in mind. I wanted to provide my customers with a high quality product to their specifications at the best price. In addition, with decades of experience buying excess inventories in large quantities; distributors and manufacturers could sell excess steel, aluminum or stainless steel at the highest price possible while providing exemplary service.

With extensive expertise, I developed unparalleled vast supply chains throughout North America. We provide customers new opportunities in addition to time and cost savings by sourcing their requirements quickly from hundreds of stocking locations for steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

I also developed diverse markets providing many value added services such as slitting, coil coating, embossing, cut to length, and fast delivery. We also sell as an agent for other companies with large stocking inventories. Our 30 years experience includes selling prime excess inventories and can be applied to reducing your excess inventory quickly.

Metal Resources Inc. is associated with other large volume companies enabling us to handle large transactions.