Steelmaking… We sell a wide variety of steel products processed to a diverse range of specs. and supply painted steel coil in galvalume and galvanized, acrylic coated and unpainted in most steel products.

We sell a wide variety of steel coil products to a diverse range of customer specs. including galvanized and galvalume: unpainted-acrylic and pre painted common colors used in metal buildings and roofing roll former markets.
There are two major ways of steelmaking; electric arc furnace and blast furnace.
Scrap is mainly used in electric arc furnace steelmaking, while iron ore and coking coal are mainly used in the blast furnace process. Coking coal is turned into coke and is used as the main fuel and reductant in a blast furnace.
There are three categories of steel products; Long steel, carbon flat steel and stainless steel.
Slabs are semi-products in the form of carbon flat steel & can be turned into hot roll, cold roll & coated coils which are used in a wide range of industries including automobiles, appliances, construction and ships.
Billets are also semi-products in the forms of long steel, which are made into hot rolled bars, rods, tube rounds and reconstruction bars, mainly used in construction and pipelines.
Stainless steel is another type of steel, containing alloyed iron, carbon, chromium, and other elements. Nickel and chrome are two key ingredients in stainless steel to prevent corrosion and add strength.
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